War Name EAPD Civil War
Date Occurred 2014 - 2014?
Side 1: East Amherst Police
Side 2 Palermonian Imperium, New Amherst
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: None
Result Treaty made between the Palermonian Imperium and East Amherst Police. Rebellion collapsed.
Users Lost None

This is an article about a ROBLOX War 

The EAPD Civil War was an event which begun in 2014 during the first EAPD war and ended shortly later due to the Palermonian Imperium pulling out of the war.


The EAPD revolt begun in 2013 but was suppressed. It was due to the superior army and condition of the Palermonian Imperium which ruined the moral of EAPD during the battles.

This returned shortly later but for another reason, due to EAPD having internal corruption and abuse of their members, a rebel group was organized and attempted to over throw East Amherst Police.


The revolution ended in East Amherst victory after the revolution collapsed shortly after a treaty was made with the Palermonian Imperium to draw them out of the war.

PI had undirect support on going however this was little to no support compared to what was required to finish the job.