War Name TRUA Invasion of Palermo
Date Occurred April 2014 - 4/30/14
Side 1: TRC (until 4/30/14) Palermonian Empire (until 4/29/14), Utgard Rebels (Collapsed)
Side 2 TRUA (Left the War), USSR (Collapsed), Utgard (until 4/30/14), Inton (Left the War), Kavta (Left the War), Kayta (Left the War)
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Side 1
Result Decline of the Palermonian Empire, Drama in Side 2, Dictatorship, Reincorporation of Palermo
Users Lost 2

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The TRUA Invasion of Palermo, or the 2nd TRUA - Palermonian War, was a war between the Palermonian Empire and TRUA, with allies.

The war was originally founded due to the Palermo 4th Empire's destruction of South Robloxia in 2013 after South Robloxia made an attempted come back, which failed, despite this being months later and fighting a different Palermo Government.

Research was done and on 4/10/14, Sunsshines', Emperor of Palermo, managed to leak information out of the TRUA Leader, BearClawChrislatin5, and the true reason for war is a want to take the Palermonian Crown and turn Palermo into a Province of TRUA.

Rebellions in Side 2 however have began and failed due to TRUA banning anybody from Side 2 being friends or accociated with anybody from Side 1. This made all of the Palermonians angry and made them as well protest "WE ARE FIGHTING THIS WAR FOR FREEDOM!" and "YOU HAVE TAKEN PALERMONIAN RIGHTS AWAY!".

The war was forced to stop by the Palermonian Empire after TRUA violated multiple ROBLOX Terms of Service (Including Real Life threats), and made multiple users almost quit ROBLOX, but were made to come back by the news.

Utgard and Palermo later continued the war under Palermo's terms, but TRUA was not included. Rebellions broke out in the Palermonian Empire a few weeks later, with the war being a claimed reason, although in reality that was more of Spacegang's lies and in fact no battles had happened during that period at all.

The war ended at 4/30/14 with Utgard Surrender.