War Name 11/19/12 Revolution
Date Occurred 11/19/12, around 12:00 PM
Side 1: Around 6 - 10 Citizens
Side 2 Around 20 Communist Soldiers
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Side 2
Result Uprising against Communist Palermo
Users Lost Unknown

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Battle at Castle Palermo was a short lived battle that occured at November 19th, 2012. It was the first battle of the Palermo Civil War, and is a recognized holiday in Palermo every November 19th.


The battle was not originally intended as a battle, but a peaceful protet rally hosted by Jack. Sunsshines attended along with Wson and multiple others. The crowd supposedly began to get roudy due to them being anti-Communist, and so Jack, hiding behind the walls the Griffin Squad Army, ordered GS and the remainder of the loyal TPA to open fire on the Citizens. The battle went on from there, pushing the Citizens out of the Castle. It was a Government Victory.

The battle was described on the wall the very same day by lalala5656 and, out of anger, people began mass protesting and the effects eventually led to the Palermo Civil War. Jack was later exiled the next day for corruption and this event in particular.