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Welcome to New Palermo's Wikia!

We are a nonprofit wiki founded in 2013 to focus on bringing life to even the non-popular stories across ROBLOX. Everything here is free and you are allowed to add any page you want as long as it is based on a true story and fits within our rules. The wikia is maintained by Palermo and administrated by it.

If you want to see Palermo's history, start here.


ROBLOX is a MMOG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Game that gets millions of visits daily and has over 1,000,000 registered users, being the top building game on the internet to date. ROBLOX is a game which allows you to create what ever you want using multiple methods, the most popular being with Building Tools or ROBLOX Studio. ROBLOX is constantly upgrading to make it better for the ever growing Community, and the best part is that the majority of the game is FREE!

New Palermo on

New Palermo City was a Community founded by the former Palermo regime under Sunsshines in 2013 but was closed eventually due to the fall of the regime. The group which succeeded the Palermo regime, the Palermonian Imperium, later did heavy renovations to the wiki in hopes of removing hatred and just posting Palermo's story on it. This wikia is now an ever growing, mighty wiki describing the history of Palermo and its vast current expansion in the gaming world. The wikia is now maintained by the Imp Administration in Palermo.

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