War Name SRDR Conquest of the Palermo's
Date Occurred Mid 2013
Side 1: Republic of Octavia, Blocks, Palermo 2nd Empire
Side 2 Unknown
Side 3 South Robloxia Democratic Republic
Winner: South Robloxia Democratic Republic
Result South Robloxia annexes the Palermo Region of ROBLOX, fall of the Octavian Republic, Blocks, and the 2nd Palermo Empire.
Users Lost No Users quit due to this war

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The SRDR Conquest of Palermo was a war that went on in Mid 2013, its cause being South Robloxia's original attempt to annex Blocks in attempt to "reunite Palermo".

The war was not very big, nor a very big struggle for South Robloxia, and South Robloxia won and annexed all 3 groups. This did lead to the SRDR Civil War, however.