Kingdom of Sunset
Leader  ? (2009 - 2012), Sunsshines (2012)
Government Country Roleplay Kingdom, Community
Capital None (2009 - 2012), Lake Palermo (2012)
Empire Current Expansion This group has no recorded Empire.
Empire Maximum Expansion This group has no recorded Empire.
Maximum Groups Annexed 6?
Maximum Population Around 12
Became Palermo 1st Empire, The Revolutionary Republic of Sunset
Foundation 2009
Reincorporated into new group 2012

The Kingdom of Sunset was a Clan of which a Community, primarily Country Roleplay, that was a member of the APA-Sunset Union, originally just a normal group of friends from 2009 ROBLOX with no country roleplaying aspects at all, the Kingdom was founded before 2009 under a name which was deleted, originally having its Group ID in the 200's.

The Kingdom was converted into Country Roleplaying in 2012, originally just being 'Sunset' with a Group Owner, and under Sunsshines the I in August 2012, it reached maximum extent of 2 Territories under the APA-Sunset Union.

The Kingdom founded Palermo as a Colony to help grow itself in 2012, however the Colony broke off and took over the Kingdom, APA had split away from Sunset, and the remaining Sunset succeeded as a rebellion against the Palermo Kingdom.