Sunset-Lab Battleship
The ship at Lake Palermo positioned for pictures. This is a view from the bow.
Nickname Battleship 11/19/12
Builder Could be either Old Palermo or Sunset.
Construction Started 2012?
Completed 2012?
Battles 11/19/12 War
Fate Sunk during a raid at Sunset Lab, never repaired, rediscovered, reverted, or recovered until 2014.
 The Sunset-Lab Battleship, or Battleship 11/19/12, was a Palermo Warship built in 2012 to fight in the Palermo Civil War.


Upon the start of the Palermo Civil War, multiple of the Personal Server places of Palermo along with multiple of the States rebelled against the Communist Government, resulting in Sunset Lab becoming a factory to produce new Personal Server weapons to fight off Communist raids.

The battleship was constructed to defend against the Communist army and was one of many built just like it at the time, however, most were located at Lake Palermo, the Sunset-Lab Battleship remained at Sunset Lab.


She fought off an estimate of about 2 raids before being fatally hit at the starboard bow by a PS Torpedo during the 11/19/12 war, resulting in her capsizing which she was likely abandoned mid-battle at result of this. She was later corroded to clean up the mess according to research and sunk the following minutes during the battle.

Corroding was common during the 11/19/12 war even during battles due to the ruins getting in the way of on going ships fighting each other, thus this resulted in the ship's ultimate fate. Sunset Lab was closed following the raid and the ship was untouched until 2014.

According to studies of the wreck, she fired one torpedo and did not fire the other, and when she was hit fatally the explosion caused her second torpedo to explode as well, blowing off most of the bow and leaving an uneven balance of weight on the ship.

Once hit, it is thought that she took a fast list to the starboard of the bow then flipped over entirely probably due to ramming by another boat. 



The ship as it appeared before being taken out of the water.

Sunset Lab was reopened by the Palermonian Imperium around July 2014 and the area was explored again. The ship was discovered soon later and she was taken out of the water and saved and now is a relic to the 11/19/12 war, one of 4 surviving ships from the war. All other ships were either reverted or entirely destroyed.

Weaponry and CrewEdit

The ship had about 2 Personal Server torpedoes it could fire before the crew resorted to either swords or rocket launchers to continue the battle. She was guided by an advanced hover-lever PS Boat system which allowed her to move Left, Right, Forward, and Backwards. She could seat about 6 people at a time and her design gave her heavier weight to the front due to the torpedoes however the design disabled her from capsizing until damaged in such a way that the weight got unbalanced, which was difficult to do.

Once the ship was empty of torpedoes, she was balanced out in the water with no unevened angles towards the stern or bow. She was about 12 PS blocks long (63 studs aprox.) and travelled around 12 - 20 speed on average.