War Name Trophic Legion Revolt
Date Occurred 4/27/14 - On Going
Side 1: Trophic Legion under Sunsshines, Palermonian Empire
Side 2 Trophic Legion under Cysira, Venomous
Side 3 Imperia
Winner: Unknown
Result Fall of TL under Sunsshines, Palermonian - TL War
Users Lost No Users quit due to this war

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Trophic Legion revolt was an attempted uprising against Cysira led by Sunsshines that began on 4/27/14 and ended about a week later.


The revolt began when Sunsshines was removed from power by Cysira after Kazdam betrayed Sunsshines for Sunsshines attempt at making a free group of TL.

The war ended in govt. victory, and all of the rebels were exiled. This also was the fall of the Sunsshines' Regime in TL. The war is often referred back too as Palermonian Imperialism.